n Business Growth Network | About BGN

What is BGN?

The Business Growth Network (BGN), founded in 2003, is a community of entrepreneurs who participate in monthly small group meetings and larger quarterly events in order to find ways to “work on their business and not just work in their business”.

How does BGN help my business?

BGN offers a forum for both professionals and business owners to openly share information about their concerns in growing and managing their businesses, as well as to exchange useful feedback and to receive practical advice from their peers.

Our meetings

The group meets on a monthly basis, and sponsors a quarterly event which is open to the public. Topics at these events range from strategic business growth to social media and email marketing.

To see agendas from past monthly meetings, click here.

To see flyers from past quarterly events, click here.

Please contact Michael Gansl at 917-848-6163 or mgansl@gmail.com for more information about how you can become a member of the Business Growth Network.